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Lake Winnipesaukee Known as The Big Lake.

Lake Winnipesaukee, The Big Lake

Lake Winnipesaukee is definitely the treasure of NH. It borders several communities as well as Mountains to the north and cities to the south. It is one of the largest lakes in the northeast that is non-navigatable to the ocean.

Lake Winnipesaukee is a body of water located in Eastern New Hampshire in the Lakes Region of the state. It is situated in parts of Belknap and Carroll Counties and can be seen in the towns of AltonGilfordLaconiaMeredithCenter HarborMoultonboroughTuftonboro, and Wolfeboro. The lake has a total surface area of 44,422 acres and is the largest lake in the state of New Hampshire. Its maximum depth is 212 feet, and it is located 504 feet above sea level. Altogether, its shores amount to nearly 300 miles.

The lake is home to one of only two remaining floating post offices managed by the United States Postal Service. The U.S. mailboat Sophie C was launched on Lake Winnipesaukee in 1892 and still operates today. The lake is also the site of the annual Ice-Out Contest and has been seen in movies like “On Golden Pond”, “Click” and “What About Bob?” In the cities surrounding Lake Winnipesaukee, visitors will find a wide variety of activities and entertainment, including numerous museums, golf courses, shops, arcades, theatrical venues and even a ski resort. For more information, visit LakeWinnipesaukee.Net or see the Lake Winnipesaukee depth map.

These are all the towns that surround the lake that make visiting Lake Winnipesaukee even more enjoyable. Some of my favorites are Wolfeboro and Meredith.




There are at least 265 natural islands on Lake Winnipesaukee that are at least 3 feet above lake level and contain vegetation, about 130 of which are over .25 acres in size 26 of these are 25 acres or larger.

Governors Island host many mansion type homes, and accessible via Ret 11. Rattlesnake Island, probably the most popular and most visual islands, and Bear Island hosting a Post Office. With only a few islands accessible from land, you’ll definitely need a boat to see these or a trip around the lake on the Mount Washington Cruise Ship.


Long Island—1,186 acres (480 ha)

Bear Island—780 acres (320 ha)

Cow Island—522 acres (211 ha)

Governors Island—504 acres (204 ha)

Rattlesnake Island—368 acres (149 ha)

Welch Island—187 acres (76 ha)

Little Bear Island—143 acres (58 ha)

Stonedam Island—141 acres (57 ha)

Timber Island—136 acres (55 ha)

Sleepers Island—113 acres (46 ha)

Mark Island—102 acres (41 ha)

Black Island—90 acres (36 ha)

Barndoor Island—88 acres (36 ha)

Black Cat Island—75 acres (30 ha)

Pine Island—74 acres (30 ha)

Whortleberry Island—69 acres (28 ha)

Sandy Island—67 acres (27 ha)

Jolly Island—50 acres (20 ha)

Three Mile Island—47 acres (19 ha)

Round Island—43 acres (17 ha)

Lockes Island—42 acres (17 ha)

Diamond Island—37 acres (15 ha)

Dow Island—32 acres (13 ha)

Big Beaver Island—30 acres (12 ha)

Camp Island—28 acres (11 ha)

Mink Island—26 acres (11 ha)

Birch Island—25 acres (10 ha)

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