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Navigating Lake Winnipesaukee and
Lake Maps

Upon your first visit to Lake Winnipesaukee for boating, it is highly recommended that you get a Lake Winnipesaukee Map, preferably in waterproof plastic. Most stores in the lakes Region have Maps of Winnipesaukee for sale. If you intend to use your map while boating it is recommended that you also get the laminated maps of the big lake, as well as other lakes in the Lakes Region. They are slightly more expensive but well worth the cost and can be used years over.

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SO LET’S REPEAT, if you have never boated Lake Winnipesaukee GET A LAKE MAP, prepare for bad weather, and be sure you have all the safety equipment for an emergency. Many boaters have been caught off guard while being on the lake at the inopportune time! Fog and Heavy Rain can set in on even the most beautiful days, and bad weather means poor visibility. Lake Wini The Big Lake has taken many by surprise by her ever-changing white caps and storm clouds that rush in and change your landscape in a heartbeat.

Lake Winnipesaukee was marked in 1899 with the first inland waterway buoys in the United States, over 300 hazards being indicated, with the present number of markers, light-buoys, and other navigation aids about 600. Winnipesaukee is not a lake you want to be unprepared for. You’ll hear words like The Broads, The Witches, and Rocky Shoals. If we’re scaring you a little that’s GREAT, because we can’t stress preparedness enough.

It’s a Big Lake. Follow headway and no-wake area rules or be prepared to meet the Marine Patrol.  Boating safely and with caution on the heavily traveled lake will make for a great day and a truly fantastic experience.

Navigating on Lake Winnipesaukee is similar to navigating on the ocean as well as most other big lakes. Lake Winnipesaukee has shallow sandbars, low-level islands, and treacherous rocks just like many other lakes, just it has a few more. This is why we decided to make sure your aware and post the best navigation information links below.

“Has a word of caution, I have been stuck on the big lake twice in the fog at night. If you can anchor and stay put that is advised, otherwise take it very slow and cautious. You’ll be very surprised how your level of depth perception changes on the water in the fog.”

Final Note: If you’ve never boated Lake Winnipesaukee | BUY A LAKE MAP | Study the Map | Have Fun

There are a couple of websites to visit for Lake Winnipesaukee Navigation Aid  – Links Below.  Both companies offer unique navigational media.


State Map of Lake Winnipesaukee (PDF)

Boat Launch and Map of Lake Winni


Early 1900’s map of Lake Winnipesaukee courtesy of:


The Witches

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