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    Lake Winnipesaukee Island Maps
    Islands on Lake Winnipesaukee

    Just a few of Lake Winnipesaukees' Islands.
    View more aerial photos of islands.

    Lake Winnipesaukee is absolutely amazing when it comes to its islands.

    Over 274 inhabitable islands many bearing the same name. (must have been interesting for the mail boat:-))

    This is a list of Islands on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.

    If you have any other island info Please email us

    1 island with greater than 1000 acres (Long Island 1186 ac.)

    3 islands between 500 and 1000 acres
    (Bear Island 780 ac., Cow Island 522 ac., Governor's Island 504 ac.)

    7 islands between 100 and 500 acres
    (Rattlesnake Island 368 ac., Welch Island 187 ac., Little Bear Island 143 ac., Stonedam Island 141 ac., Timber Island 136 ac., Sleepers Island 113 ac., Mark Island 102 ac.)

    6 islands between 50 and 100 acres 25 islands between 10 and 50 acres

    226 islands with less than 10 acres

  • Badger Island(11 acres)
  • Barndoor Island(88 acres)
  • Battleship Island
  • Beaver Island(7 acres)
  • Bear Island(780 acres) (second largest island)it is the only island with its own church.
  • Becky’s Garden (Winnipesaukee's smallest island)
  • Big Island
  • Big Beaver Island(30 acres)
  • Birch #1 Island(25 acres)
  • Birch #2 Island
  • Black Island
  • Black Cat Island(75 acres) One of the islands bridged to the mainland. Accessible year round.
  • Blanche Island
  • Blanchards Island
  • Blueberry Island
  • Breezy Island
  • Brew Island
  • Camp Island(28 acres)
  • Chase's Island(19 acres)
  • Children's Island
  • Chip Island
  • Church Island
  • Christmas Island(4 acres)
  • Cosy Island
  • Cove Island
  • Cove #1 Island
  • Cove #2 Island
  • Cove #3 Island
  • Cow Island(522 acres) Settled in 1812 by Paul Pillsbury who erected a grist mill here, and is said to be the founder of the world famous Pillsbury Flour firm.
  • Crescent Island
  • Cub Island
  • Dale Island
  • Devens Island
  • Diamond Island(37 acres) (In 1861 Diamond Island was home to The Diamond Island House, a hotel frequented by summer guests. The Mount Washington and the steamer Lady of the Lake docked at the island as part of their regular stops as a service to their lodgers. At one point it was rumored that the island supported a Brothel in which the patrons would arrive by train and take small boats to the island for the “illicit” entertainment. The hotel also hosted a restaurant and bowling alley and was later moved across the ice to the Weirs and became part of the Hotel Weirs which was destroyed by fire in 1924. During World War II the United States Navy operated a test sight for remote controlled submarines off the north western side of the island. Off the south side of the island remains a US Navy sound test laboratory and is a popular dive site. Today, Diamond Island is home to many summer residents in private cottages and homes. The islands convienient location to the mainland makes it a popular spot.once the site of a large hotel known as the Diamond Island House. In 1865, it became the property of the Winnipisseogee Lake Steamboat Company)
  • Dollar Island
  • Dolly Island
  • Dow Island(32 acres)
  • Eagle Island(named for its nesting site for a bald eagle in the 1880s)was owned by Jack Wright a famed Boston attorney. During ownership of the island, his wife planted forty two varieties of shrubs and trees on this tiny island.
  • East Twin Island
  • Echo Island
  • Evergreen Island
  • Farm Island(21 acres)
  • Far Ozone Island
  • Fish Island(4 acres)
  • Five Mile Island(13 acres)
  • Foley's Island
  • Ganzey Island(15 acres)
  • Gem Island
  • Gichigumi Island
  • Glines Island(7 acres)
  • Goodwin Island
  • Goose Island
  • Goose Egg Rock Island
  • Governor's Island(504 acres)
  • Grant Island
  • Guay Island
  • Gun Island
  • Gypsy Island
  • Half-Acre Island
  • Half Mile #1 Island
  • Half Mile #2 Island
  • Harbour Island
  • Harmony Island
  • Harvard Island
  • Hawk’s Nest Island
  • Helen Island
  • Hemlock Point Island
  • Hen Island
  • Hermit Island
  • Horse Island (Many years ago a summer resident of Center Harbor was transporting his horse to the Weirs by boat, when a storm arose, sinking the craft. They never found the man however the horse was found living contently on this island.)
  • Hull Island (9 acres)
  • Hurricane Island
  • Indian Island
  • Jib Island
  • Joe's Island(8 acres)
  • Jolly Island(50 acres)
  • Keel Island
  • Keniston Island(18 acres)
  • Kinneho Island(5 acres)
  • Isle of Pines Island
  • Ledge Island
  • Leroy Island
  • Less In Area Island
  • Lincoln Island
  • Little Island
  • Little Badger Island
  • Little Barndoor Island(6 acres)
  • Little Bear Island(143 acres)
  • Little Beaver Island
  • Little Birch Island
  • Little Blueberry Island
  • Little Camp Island(6 acres)
  • Little Cove Island
  • Little Ganzey Island
  • Little Goodwin Island
  • Little Huck Island
  • Little Keniston Island
  • Little Loon Island
  • Little Mark Island
  • Little One Mile Island
  • Little Pine Tree Island
  • Little Pine #1 Island
  • Little Pine #2 Island
  • Little Pine #3 Island
  • Little Plum Island
  • Little Ragged Island
  • Little Six Mile Island
  • Little Two Mile Island
  • Little Vixen Island
  • Little Whortleberry Island(6 acres)
  • Littlest Mud Island
  • Loan's Island
  • Lockes Island(42 acres)
  • Long Pine Island
  • Loon #1 Island
  • Loon #2 Island
  • Loon #3 Island
  • Loon #4 Island
  • Long Island(1,186 acres )(Winnipesaukee's largest island)
  • Mark Island(102 acres)
  • Melody Island (20 acres)
  • Melvin Island
  • Middle Beaver Island
  • Mink Island(26 acres)
  • Mt. Major Island
  • Moose Island
  • Nabby’s Island
  • Nine Acre Island(13 acres) How did it get its name?
  • North Pasture Island
  • Oak Island
  • October Eve Island
  • One Mile Island(6 acres)It was here on a foggy Thursday morning, early in 1910,that the old sidewheeler MOUNT WASHINGTON ran aground. There was very little damage done.
  • Outlaw Island
  • Overnight Island
  • Palmer Island
  • Parker Island
  • Penny #1 Island
  • Penny #2 Island
  • Perch Island
  • Pig Island
  • Pine Island(74 acres)
  • Pinehurst Island
  • Pistol Island
  • Pitchwood Island(15 acres)
  • PixieRock #3 Island
  • Pleasant
  • Pop Island
  • Poplar Island
  • Quarter Mile Island
  • Racoon Island
  • Ragged Island(12 acres)
  • Randall Island
  • Rattlesnake Island(368 acres) (Rattlesnakes were actually found on the island-in fact as late as the 1940's. The skins and remains of some of these snakes can be seen at the Libby Museum on Rt109 in Wolfeboro.
  • Rock #1 Island
  • Rock #2 Island
  • Rocky Ridge #1 Island
  • Rocky Ridge #2 Island
  • Rocky Ridge #3 Island
  • Round #1 Island(43 acres)
  • Round #2 Island
  • Saint's Rest Island
  • Sandy Island(67 acres)
  • Scavenger Island
  • Shelter Island
  • Shephard Island
  • Ship Island
  • Six Mile Island(23 acres)
  • Sleepers Island(113 acres)
  • Small Island
  • Spectacle (N)Island
  • Spectacle (S)Island
  • Spider Island
  • Spring Island
  • Squirrel Island
  • Starr Island
  • Steamboat Island
  • Stonedam Island(141 acres) (So named because of an old stone causeway connecting it with the mainland on Meredith Neck.)Island purchased in 1982 by Lakes Region Conservation Trust. Today's home of Stonedam Island Wildlife Preserve
  • Store Island
  • Three Mile Island(47 acres) (One of the summer homes of the Appalacian Mountain Club since 1900.)
  • Timber Island(136 acres)
  • Tip Island
  • Treasure Island(10)
  • Two Mile Island
  • Uppershoe Island
  • Wallace Island
  • Welch Island(187 acres)Map
  • Welcome Island
  • Wentworth Island
  • Whaleback Island(4 acres)
  • Whaleback Point Island
  • Whortleberry Island(69 acres)
  • Winch Island
  • Windswept Island
  • Worcester Island(18 acres)

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    Published on: 2004-10-04 (52381 reads)

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