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This is the recipe We came up with at our house we take hamburger meat(ours is raised on a local farm all natural) but whatever meat you want to use if fine. Take shredded cheddar cheese  1/2lb cheese per 1lb meat(1 bag from the local grocery store will do)and either cook your own bacon and use it or do what I do and bye the boarshead already cooked and vaccume sealed thick cut bacon.

Break the bacon up into small peices mix it thouroughly but not too much with the hamburger meat( too much mixing makes it tough)and with the cheddar cheese(yes mix the cheese into the hamburger , and bacon, mix it all up and throw it on the BBQ, I usually cook my bacon cheddar burgers away from direct flames as the bacon makes a normally volitile situation and takes it to the next level. I like mine medium with american cheese ontop.